Custom software built just for you will make your business more efficient and more profitable. The programers at StackFrame are the experts in developing solutions for the issues that plague your business. From workforce management to simulated experiences, StackFrame will develop the solution for you.

Become more profitable.

No more updating your company in multiple places. StackFrame’s experts can ensure changes you make to your business, such as new team members or sales inititaves are automatically integrated into your public presence to from your back-of-the-houseĀ  systems.

Generate more sales.

StackFrame’s professionals can develop the perfect solution, tailored to your needs, to help your company manage your business effectively. From large scale production to individual projects you will maximize production and profits with our workflow automation programs.

Maximize production.

An off-the-shelf Customer Relationship Manager will never give you everything you need to stay in touch with your potential and existing clients. Our developers will help you track sales and reach new customers with a custom CRM tailored specifically to your needs.

Don’t miss opportunities.

In today’s world, with cloud storage and Google Drives, there is no need for paper. StackFrame’s team will work with you to develop the right storage system to save money by eliminating paper in a secure and easy solution specifically developed for your business.

Save money tomorrow.

A specialized service for the legal, insurance and accounting industries, StackFrame can decipher any device, finding the evidence you need to win your cases. Our team understands all security protocols to give you the confidence in presenting any cyber evidence to juries and judges.

Attorneys, accountants, insurance business, contact us!

Let the technology experts at StackFrame manage your company’s IT to give you the peace of mind that your systems and networks will work as they are supposed to. Our team can start from scratch or help improve your existing system. And, when there is an issue, our team is there quickly to minimize any down time.

Know your systems are secure and operating properly.

Is your website responsive? Are you reaching your audience on their iPad and iPhone? If not, you need to work with StackFrame to ensure your mobile presence is up-to-date and showcasing your business accurately. We’ll work to ensure your mobile efforts are successful.

Develop for mobile development today.