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StackFrame has developed a collection of web based tools to support Scenario Generation, Simulation Control, and After Action Review:

Scenario Generation: StackFrame conceptualized, designed and developed a modern, web-based simulation scenario generation tool called Web-Miltary Scenario Development Environment or WebMSDE.  WebMSDE provides a powerful toolkit of features to import or create, edit, and export simulation scenarios in various formats.  WebMSDE can import and export SISO standard MSDL, OBS v2 and v3, BLCSE ForceBuilder, OneSAF-specific MSDL, HITS battle roster, and other Excel Spreadsheet based formats.  Additionally, WebMSDE can import JCATS FCHAR format, SE Core MEL documents, and JLCCTC MEW documents as source data for constructing units and entities.  WebMSDE allows users to construct scenarios directly consuming Mission Command data for tactical graphics and friendly and enemy locations.  It provides tools to help automate and visualize the complex mapping process of simulation to Mission Command, and mapping to various simulation enumerations.

This capability is presented by a modern graphical web user interface.  WebMSDE allows users to construct a scenario anywhere in the world without the need to have simulation terrain available ahead of time.


Terrain Generation: StackFrame conceptualized, designed, and developed a modern web-based terrain generation tool called Magrathea.  Magrathea, supports generation and editing of simulation terrain accessible from a variety of commonly available web browsers without the need to install any special browser plug-ins. Magrathea:

  • Provides a standards-compliant web browser tool to efficiently generate terrain, in formats readily consumable by simulation
  • Provides a mechanism to generate a terrain to execute a scenario practically anywhere in the world
  • Includes both the services and worldwide terrain source to truly offer terrain generation as a service
  • Supports building geospecific terrain anywhere in the world
  • Provides a mechanism to export Objective Terrain Format (OTF) used by CCTT, AVCATT, WARSIM, and OneSAF.
  • Magrathea is also capable of exporting correlated SAF and visual formats including Collada, Ogre, and Unity formats
  • Supports generation of 3D buildings with interiors
  • Supports import of existing terrains for edits and re-export
  • Triangulates features into the terrain skin, consistent with the specification
  • Provides a web-based user interface to add/modify/delete features from the database
Magrathea User Interface
Magrathea User Interface

StackFrame designed and constructed the Web Control Tool or WCT.  WCT is ready-built for cloud based simulation, and requires zero software installation on clients. Deployment and upgrades for all clients are performed at a single location, rather than update labs full of machines. Clients connect and are ready to participate in an exercise in seconds.

WCT provides a modern map service for geospatial visualization and manipulation. Modern map controls provide intuitive map panning and zooming functions. WCT supports visualization and creation of typical control measures or tactical graphics. WCT discovers and displays the task organization, and supports filtering that view to actors assigned to be controlled to a WebSAF client. WCT users can view actor status, supplies, and health.

Mission command messages that refer to actors controlled by a WCT client are streamed and displayed live in the WCT interface. WCT supports visualizing weapon fires and detonates, as well as dynamic changes made to the terrain. WCT supports displaying building interiors and actors within buildings, in an intuitive three dimensional display.

WCT is set apart from other web clients by its ability to control actors. WCT provides an intuitive behavior timeline, to support sequencing of behaviors, including providing triggers to allow users to intelligently activate behaviors based on exercise situations. WCT further provides the ability to control actors directly on the map using an intuitive Quick Orders capability.

WebSAF_ScreenShot for web

StackFrame, in conjunction with our partners Trideum and Effective Applications, is developing a next generation interoperability mechanism to leverage modern technology to reduce integration costs.  The prototype capability, called Osseus, offers a variety capabilities to demonstrate how transformative this technology could become.

Osseus Metrics
Osseus Metrics
Osseus Behavior Designer
Osseus Behavior Designer


Osseus 2D View
Osseus 2D View
Osseus 3D View
Osseus 3D View

StackFrame designed and developed a modern, web-accessible After Action Review (WebAAR) tool to simplify the process of accessing and presenting data for exercises and experiments.