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StackFrame is a small business based in Sanford, Florida that provides relevant, innovative, and resourceful solutions in the areas of information technology, digital security, and software development.

Founded in 2004, we have earned a reputation for delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions to difficult problems.

Our priority is to earn the loyalty of our clients by providing the best technical services and advice and to serve the communities we belong to.

CEO and Founder

Gene McCulley has served as President since co-founding StackFrame, LLC in 2004. He has worked in the distributed simulation industry since 1992, and the many core components he designed and developed for the OneSAF program as a Software and Systems Engineer have earned him a reputation as the man to turn to for difficult problems. Under his leadership, StackFrame has continued to provide expert ongoing support to the Army’s OneSAF and SE Core programs, as well as provide on-site support to many Army posts to ensure the successful execution of training exercises.

Mr. McCulley has partnered with a variety of commercial businesses, including Shoppers’ Critique International and the Westin Lake Mary, providing each with specifically tailored support solutions and management.  Mr. McCulley is a proud member and supporter of the Central Florida technical community, sponsoring BarCamp Orlando, the UCF Programming team, and the Orlando and Gainesville Java Users Groups.

Vice President, Defense
Director of Programs
Director, Commercial IT

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