StackFrame, based in Central Florida, provides relevant, innovative, and resourceful solutions in the areas of information technology, digital security, and software development.

Founded in 2004, we have earned a reputation for delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions to difficult problems.

Our priority is to earn the loyalty of our clients by providing the best technical services and counsel and to serve the communities to which we belong.

We've developed five key standards for customer service that are ingrained in our company’s culture.

  • Counsel our Customers: Just as one hires an attorney for legal advice or an accountant for financial advice, StackFrame provides advice on technology. In today’s world, technology is a part of every aspect of business. It’s critical to ensure technology works for you in cost-efficient ways which improve your business. That is StackFrame’s key expertise and our primary goal is to be your technology counselor.
  • Teach our Customers: Some customers want to know the fine details about every new gadget. Others want to focus on their core competency. Whatever the level of expertise you have with technology, StackFrame works with you to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions on your technology needs. We strive to communicate with you based on your knowledge level of technology, no matter how high or low that level is.
  • Be Available for our Customers: Technology doesn’t work an eight-hour day, and neither do we. As an outsourced IT company, we will be there when issues arise. We will be there at night to keep your company running. We will be there with solutions when you need them.
  • Listen to our Customers: We are experts in information technology, not your business. Our team is trained to listen to your needs and meet those needs. Our team provides solutions that improve your company. We will listen to what keeps you up at night and find a technological solution. We will hear what improvements you want to your network and provide you options. We will make sure we understand your needs to meet them quickly and efficiently.
  • We don’t say No: At StackFrame, even the most challenging technology issues will be overcome. Our team includes top software developers, top hardware experts, outstanding creative minds, and determination to make the impossible happen. We will never say it can’t be done. We are driven to find the solution and make it happen.

StackFrame was founded as a company devoted to providing what its customers need to be successful in their use of technology.

As the company continued to grow, we saw how our skills and expertise could be applied to nearly any business and. Branching out from the military, the company found multiple other applications in the commercial sector, from retail to health care, transportation, and law.

Today, the company continues to grow from it's headquarters in Central Florida. The company works on projects around the world and lists some of the biggest companies as users of its software and clients of its services.