StackFrame has combined several capabilities together to provide a feature rich, high density, interactive urban simulation.  The simulation is accessed via web services in a web browser 3D application (no plugins required), and demonstrates a Patterns of Life (POL) simulation, operating on feature-dense geo-specific terrain.  In the demonstration video, we showcase Manhattan, with more than 1.2 Million buildings.  StackFrame built Manhattan and other terrain databases using our Magrathea terrain generation toolset.  StackFrame also has built out detailed representations of Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, and other major cities.  Please see the video below for more information.

StackFrame combined this with our Osseus Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – based Interoperability Platform to allow easy integration with other LVC simulations.


Additionally, StackFrame has extended this capability to operate in a game engine.  We have created a new terrain capability within the Unity Game Engine Platform that provides a global, round-Earth terrain representation.  See the video below for additional details.